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Facility clean up

This is a must-read!

One evening Corinthian Medical Staffing received a call from a facility. It was the Director of Nursing and she was in a panic. The state was in the building and it was within 3 days of being shut down. She asked for all of the staffing agencies to come to help strategize something...anything!

Corinthian Medical Staffing showed up with a team composed of department heads of all aspects of facility operations, including 2 doctors.  The other 2 agencies showed up with "managers".

We spent the next few hours just listening. Then we proposed a clean-up strategy. The other agencies told the Director of Nursing that they could not compete with the team that Corinthian Medical Staffing came with. They said that they would work in support of what ever Corinthian Medical Staffing was doing.

Within 3 days, Corinthian Medical Staffing managed to turn the operations around. This was done to the amazement of the state evaluators. They were so impressed that Corinthian Medical Staffing was asked to sign a contract with the state to over-see facility operations as a condition to allow the facility to remain in operation.

The news of this unpresidented request spread like wild fire. Soon Corinthian Medical Staffing was getting requests from management corporations from all over the country to do the same thing.  Some facilities were already in trouble. Other facilities were being considered for purchase and corporations wanted to make sure they were buying a clean building. 

Facilities requested our services to conduct "pre-surveys"

It is important to mention that Corinthian Medical Staffing‚Äč did not charge this facility extra for this service because they were an existing client. The only charges that were ever made were for actual placement of nurses and consultants doing the departments actual work. Otherwise, the consultants volunteered their time in support of our clients.